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Tourist places to visit in Kullu and Manali- ‘The Heart of Gods valley’

Tourist places to visit in Kullu and Manali- ‘The Heart of Gods valley’

Kullu and Manali are one of the favorite regions of many tourists who are arriving here all season of the year. It is located in heart of Kullu valley and many tourists come here for the honeymoon and holiday trip with the family, friends, and newly married couples. Kullu and Manali are giving the great pleasure of Himachal Pradesh to the visitors and this place is famous for its adventure activities, scenic view, exciting attractions. Even, all over the world tour is visit here to see their snowfall, mountains, and natural beauty to attract any person. 

It is a “Nature lover’s paradise”, Kullu feels to the Travelers panoramic view of hill station point. There are covered of deodar and pine trees which is look very beautiful their lush greenery, pristine river streams, and a wonderful weather. Kullu is situated in height of 1,230 meters in the lap of nature. It is a culture and adventure hotspot of the state of Himachal Pradesh. Especially, Kullu and Manali are famous for some of the most amazing, mind-blowing and stunning sight of the contributed by nature.

Here you can explore in the charming town of Kullu and Manali with your family, friends or honeymoon couples which must see for tourists during their holiday trip. Let’s start to know that-

Great Himalayan National Park


Great Himalayan is a heaven for nature lovers and it is UNESCO world heritage site that was established in 1984. This park is famous for its wildlife species of western Himalaya like Brown bear, Musk deer, Thar, Leopard, Goral, Bharal, Serow, Monal, Snow leopard, kalij, Koklas, Tragopan, Cheer, etc. many travellers love to trek Rakti-sar and for some camping. They all are popular for their natural scenic beauty of nature. The national park is a beautiful place to feel relax and unwind.  

Bijli Mahadev


It is popular sacred temples of Himachal Pradesh which are situated at the top Kullu valley. Many people come here all over the world to worship Lord Shiva. It is said that the temple is also houses of Shiva Linga which was broken into pieces by lightning that was later joining back together by the temple priest using butter. There is two statue of a bull that is Nandi Lord Shiva’s vehicle and 60 feet high staff of temple always sparkles in the sun like a silver needle. 

Rohtang Pass

Rohtang pass is popular for its scenic view of point and various waterfalls many tourists love to visit there and enjoy with family and friends. There are many adventure sports like jeep safari even, between the mountain you peaked the snowfall pictures. It is famous for its height of 3,978 m above and high altitude mountain of Pir Panjal Himalaya range that is connect to Kullu valley with the Lahaul and Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh. Rohtang pass is an important part of Manali-Leh highway and promoting tourism to Kullu valley, Lahaul valley, Spiti valley, and Ladakh. 

Hadimba Temple


Hadimba temple was built in 1553 and dedicated this temple to Rakshasa Hadimba and ghatotkacha also because he was the son of Hadimba and Pandava Bhima and hero of Mahabharat. Actually, this temple of architectural style is crossing Indian architecture with one employed in the Buddhist monasteries. One important thing is that this temple is made of wood. You can also visit near the Museum of Himachal culture and you can see Rahala falls.

Tibetan Monasteries

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Tibetan monasteries are one of the most popular tourist places which are built up in Manali. It is maintaining the Tibetan’s culture and inside the temple, Lord Buddha statue is kept in the monastery. But the main feature of this place is Tibetans handicraft’s items and the carpet are sold in the monastery. When you visit Tibetan monasteries you will feel relax and Meditate.


Kothi village is an old village which is known as Koshtampi, its natural beauty is more amazing such as gracious willows green fields, fascinating temple, fruit trees, etc all make this village is lovely landscape for tourists. Even, many tourists are come to visit here to worship Goddess Shuwang Chandika in the temple that is located over here. Here also used to be the camp for people trekking Rohtang and visit the geothermal springs.

Solang valley

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Solang valley is known as ‘Snow point’ and is famous for its Adventures sports like paragliding, Zorbing, Horse riding, parachuting, and skiing. Apart from this, Solang valley is also popular for activities like ATV rides, ropeways, and trekking. Its side valley is very highs of Kullu Valley and waterfalls one the way of Rohtang pass. There are all facilities and training also available during the suitable season like winter or summer season.


Events High

Kasol is one of the favourite destinations for all tourists that arrive from all over the country, it is also called the ‘mini Israel’. Here the scenic point of view and adventure destinations of the state of Himachal Pradesh, there are most exciting treks of the area such as the name of Kheerganga, Chalal, Tosh Valley, Malana, Magic Valley, and Grahan Village. Paravati valley also passes and it is visited by many backpackers, hikers, and adventure lover. Here you try the sample of Israeli food, shop for gemstones, and also visit nearby towns of Manikaran, Malana, and Tosh.    

Manali hill station in Kullu is one of the best tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh and India. This place does not only provide you scenic view of point but also are the most adventure tourist destinations in the lap of the God valley Himalayas.     

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