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Imambara- ‘A true heritage of Lucknow’

Imambara- ‘A true heritage of Lucknow’

Lucknow is a capital of North-Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and known as “nawabo ka shahar”. It is situated at the bank of river Gomti tributary of the Ganga where their plenty of place to explore and attract it for their charm and culture which is very delightful.‘chikan’ the embroidered dress material is also famous many tourists come here to buy ‘chikan’ dress stuff.

The best thing is that the people of this city is continue its charm and beauty even their people known for urdu language. It is a Modern city which could be boast of having many historical monuments and is known for its gardens, parks, and unique archaeological monuments.

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Imambara is also known as Asafi Imambara which means big and the main purpose to built this sacred hall is Muslim rituals surrounding Muharram locally known as Azadari. Actually Imambara is a simple hall where shia muslim come together from various occasion to did their prayer. Especially occasion of the Moharram they remember their God, as you know Muharram is a period of mourning for all shia muslim and remember the anniversary of Karbala battle where Hussein-ibn-Ali the grandson of Muhammad was killed in a battle.

In fact, Imambara also available many parts of Asia In Bahrain and USA known as ma’tam and Central Asia called as takyakhana. But the most significant and biggest Imambara all over the world are now located in India and Pakistan. There are also have most shia population. The city is home of ‘bara Imambara’ such a marvellous architecture in Lucknow since the last 200 years. The elegant structure is mixture of Rajput and Mughal architecture.

There is a interesting history of Imambara During the drought year of 1784 AD the fourth Nawab Asaf-Ud-Daula who was Nawab of Awadh Has commissioned the building to help the poor make a living. But it was finished and now the Imambara is symbol of pride and impressive of Lucknow.

Mainly, historical place Imambara is called bhul bhulaya. Did you know the meaning of bhool bhulaya? There are many confusion direction from here to where go with many paths, Imambara is also that type of historical place. That is the reason also called “bhool bhulaiya”.

But to understand more detail about Imambara it should be know about its builders Nawabs those who build of Imambara in Lucknow which is the india’s best historical place. In essence, Nawab title was used by the Mughals to their deputies across North India. And the word of Nawab come from the Persian language ‘Naib’ which means deputy. So, the Nawab was the title of males and they didn’t want to disappear their title because it was the family title and true nawabs in Lucknow with money and power.

The history of the Imambara is connected with bada Imambara. Many decades ago, 18 century Avadh facing more problems such as drought and lack of employment so, Asaf-Ud-Dowhala decided to provide employment to their people. Hence, he decided to build bada imambara through this employment probably MGNREGA. There are many country make the same architecture of building like Imambara in Pune and the name is Aga Khan Palace. People said that it was designed by Persia who was also a shia kingdom but the reality is a little bit of difference.

The architecture of Imambara is very complex but for the prayer purposes built a central hall (170 ft x 55ft) it is very large structure without any columns. But the architecture is very interesting it gives challenges to the workers. Usually, there are thousands of passageways and mostly confused where you are and very difficult to find one’s way but the path is interconnected each other. Even you could easy to get lost and take a time to manage out of it. But the beautiful outside view of these passageways open into window. Even inside you can see the five- storied baoli which belongs to the pre-nawabi era, it is also called the shahi-Hammam which is royal bath and is connected with the river Gomti.

Imambara is open in the morning at 6 am though the bhool bhulaiya opens at 9am. But in Lucknow there are much more places to explore and you can take their interesting architectural photograph each has its own unique story.

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