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Goa- The best honeymoon place in India

Goa- The best honeymoon place in India

Best Honeymoon places In GOA

The honeymoon is one of the best memorable moments that every couple spends time together in their lifetime. And remember all such moments for the lifetime even they will have various more journeys together in their lifetime. Their honeymoon will probably be among their top favorites. After the wedding functions come to an end that can be stressful at times, it is only fair that couples want to relax yet romantic honeymoon. If you want to plan to explore in India, Goa is one of the best places to begin your new lessons for their life. Here is some list of places you can visit with your partner on your honeymoon in Goa-

Ashwem Beach-


Goa is a very attractive place where you can find a number of beaches across the state and choosing which one to visit and which ones to skip can be quite a tricky choice. We suggest you that visit Ashwem Beach in north Goa. The beach is not much crowded and offers you the privacy and quiet to the couple. Even, you want to feel relax with your partner on the beach, sip on cocktails and enjoy looking at the sea and this makes it best honeymoon place in India.

And if you have mood to party, wait until night when the party crowd gets here. There are many pubs that are known for amazing dance parties. Marbella Beach Resort also offers luxury tents on Ashwem and is worth a visit. The Sunset Ashram is one of such places for a rocking party in Goa.





Goa is very famous for its nightlife and apart from pubs and clubs, it is also a home to a number of casinos where you can try your luck at gambling. Maybe you can win or lose but the experience can be a fun that you can enjoy .

The most famous casino is Deltin Royale in Panjim. Casino Pride and Casino Pearl are a few others you can visit in Goa. Usually, they have a dress code so make sure your checkout house rules before you go. Casinos are also known for attracting customers with many offers on drinks and that is why usually people stay back for longer to gamble more.

Pubs and clubs

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Goa is also best honeymoon place for its nightlife and apart from clubs and pubs it is also a home to a number of casinos where you can try your luck at gambling. You may win or lose but the experience can be a fun one. The most popular casino is Deltin Royale in Panjim but there are many others have cropped up now.

Casino Pride and Casino Pearl are a few others you can enjoy  in Goa at Honeymoon. These usually have a dress code so make sure you can check out house rules before you go. Casinos are known for attracting customers with many offers on drinks but that is usually so that people stay back for longer to gamble more. So i will suggest that if you visiting this best honeymoon place then stay away from pubs and casinos if you don’t have enough money to waste.

Agonda Beach


Agonda Beach is also one of the best beaches not just in Goa but in India. There is a three-kilometer stretch is perfect for honeymoon who want to spend some romantic moments with their partner. When you see the beach is ideal for strolls in the evening and there is much delicious seafood when you love seafood than you can grab a bite.

Agonda Beach is in south Goa which is usually the tamer side of the state and is known for its natural beauty. The beach is clean and quiet and is also you can see their turtles. You can even consider staying near the beach as there are available many options. You can enjoy this best honeymoon place only if you visit Goa.

Baga Beach


Baga Beach is one of the most commercial beaches in Goa there is something that you should check out. The beach has lots of restaurants that serve some awesome drinks and delicious seafood that the beautiful view of the sea. Feel the soft under your feet as you sip cocktails with your lovely honeymoon partner.

And if you love to singing and dancing along, go to Anthonys. Lovers of sheesha can enjoy hookah here too. Baga Beach is also having many shops outside where you can buy clothes and things that you want. From water sports to foot massages and hair-braiding, you can experience all such things of it at the popular beach.

Chapora Fort


Have you remembered the ‘Dil Chahta Hai for’? This is that place name is Chapora and it is in North Goa. You can drive they’re still the fort or park your car or bike and then hike up to it. Here you can click photos with the fort in the backdrop. The fort is a panoramic view of Goa’s beauty. The beach, Arabain sea, and greenery are really beautiful from the fort. Even you can go beyond to get a closer look.

Chapora Fort is very famous for their sightseeing attraction and is a good spot to catch the sunrise and sunset from this point. Make sure you can carry some water and food along as you will not find any here.

Palolem Beach


If you want more fun and more party scene in Goa then south Goa is also there should explore and stay. Palolem Beach is one of the best honeymoon place that is little commercial with foodies and shacks but still clean and beautiful. You can also swim here chill with a beer and play volleyball right on the beach.

In Palolem, you can take a boat ride to reach Butterfly Island which is a spot with rocks and sand. You can visit here for a few hours and spend time with a partner to do boating. The butterfly beach looks like a butterfly that’s the reason it called a butterfly beach.

For a newly married couple, Goa is considered as best honeymoon place. Especially, during the months of winter as the weather is perfect with pleasant days and lovely nights. Moreover, the monsoon come with its own charm with greenery around the showers making it all more romantic. Being off-peak season, you can expect little crowds and reasonable rates while it is the opposite during the winters. But, avoid summers as the days can be quite hot and humid.

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