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Scotland of India ‘Coorg’ The Town of the Hills and Trees

Scotland of India ‘Coorg’ The Town of the Hills and Trees

“Coorg” or “Kodagu” is one of the popular tourist destinations of Karnataka. Coorg is a mountain situated on the Western Valley in the south-west part of Karnataka, Which is located at an altitude of approximately 1715 meters from the sea level. Coorg is called Scotland of India and it is also known as Kashmir of Karnataka.

The beautiful valleys, mysterious hills, big coffee gardens, tea gardens, orange trees, elevated peaks, and fast flowing rivers attract tourist minds. This is the famous Weekend Gateway of the people of South India, South Indian come here to especially the weekend.

A large number of tourists visit Hassan and Mysore. Tourists traveling to ‘Kannur and Wayanad’ in Kerala also like to travel to Coorg. Tourist can take advantage of the beauty of the eastern and western slopes and admire the scenes of heartwarming here.

Other tourist places located around it- Paradise for tourists

Coorg is very special for a tourist destination. The tourists are lost in the beauty of the old temples, eco parks, waterfalls and the century. If you come on a tour of Coorg, then do not forget to visit Abbey Falls, Erupu Falls, Madikeri Fort, King Seat, Nalkhand Palace and the King’s dome. Coorg has many religious places, including Bhagamandla, Tibetan Golden Temple, Omkareshwar Temple and Talakavari.

In many places here, there is also the immense beauty of nature, such as the Chilawara falls, the Harangi dam, the Kaveri Nisargadama, the Dwarf Elephant Camp, the Humana Carey and the Mandalpatti etc. Tourists who are interested in wildlife will be delighted to visit here in the Century. Tourists can also enjoy the adventures sports like Tracking, golf, angling and river rafting etc.

The trekking trails of Coorg are located on the Brahmagiri hills of the Western Valleys. Other trekking destinations here are Pushpagiri Hills, Cotebetta, Iguthappa, Nishani Motte and Tadinadamol etc. Barapole river flows in the Brahmagiri Hills, which is situated in the south of Coorg and this place is also known for its activities being played in water just like Varanaur, Which lies on the backwater of Kaveri river. This place is special for water lovers.

Season of Coorg

The best weather travel to Coorg is from November to April. Well, all months of the year Coorg weather is good.

History of Coorg

Many stories say about the origin of the name Coorg or Kodagu. Some people believe that the word Kodagu originated from ‘Krodhedesa’, which means that the land of the Kadava tribe. Kodugu is made up of two words- giving the code and giving it to the mother. This place is considered to be dedicated Mother Kaveri. Later, Kodagu was known as Coorg.

If you look at the historical figures of Coorg, then it was settled in the 8th century. The rule of Ganga dynasty was first in Coorg. Later, the Coorg made the capital of many rulers and descendants such as Pandavas, Cholas, Kadamb, Chalukyas and Changalwas etc.

Culture of Coorg

Coorg is considered to be the most beautiful hill station in terms of culture and tradition. Among the festivals celebrated in Coorg, Hattari, Merak Dasara, Kel Podoo etc. Non-veg dishes are commonly cooking here. Apart from this, South Indian food becomes very lucrative.

Before independence, the British made their rule on Coorg until 1947 and the 1950s it was an independent state. In 1956 it was part of Karnataka State.

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