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The most important place of ‘Razia Sultan’s tomb’ in Haryana

The most important place of ‘Razia Sultan’s tomb’ in Haryana

Kaithal in Haryana is an ancient city of north India, Which is known for its historical and cultural importance. It is believed that this place is also connected to Lord Hanuman. Kaithal was formerly known as Kapisthal, which means “Abode of Kapi”. According to legendary, this place was inhabited by the eldest brother Yudhishthira of the Pandavas. Looking at later history, this place also deals with the first female ruler Razia Sultan.

Presently, this site is known for the cultivation of rice and cotton. This place also has a lot of importance in terms of tourism. Through this article Learn about some of the best places in Kaithal-Haryana.

Bhai ki Baoli

You can start the journey of Kaithal with the “Bhai ki baoli”, which is considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations. This baoli is made in such a way that the stairs intersection straight down to the well. The locals know this “Bhai ki baoli”. Through this baoli, you can easily understand the ancient architecture. This structure is decorated with windows and arches. You can come here for a better understanding of history.

Kalayat temple

After seeing “Bhai Ki Baoli” you can make a plan to visit the famous religious place, Kalayat Temple. The name of this place is connected to Kapilayatan, which means the house of Kapil Rishi. It is believed that the famous Kapil sage had spent a long time here. There were five ancient temples, but only two survivors here. These temples were constructed from the bricks, through which you can see Indian architecture. These temples play important role in the history of India.

Theh polar

In the series of Kaithal’s historic sight, you could visit the Polar. It is believed that the Polar is the site of an ancient village, who had ever been devastated during the war of Mahabharata. This mythological site is located 10 km away from the main city Kaithal. Many ancient objects have been acquired from this historical site, which is said to be many years old.

Palace castle of Brother Empire

In Kaithal, you can also see the palace and forts built under the Brotherhood. Sikh Jat kings built many ancient structures here. These palaces have been built in Indo-European style. The last king of the empire also built a garden house. This site is historically very important, where you can see many grand structures of old times. For a historical lover, this is an important place.

Razia Sultan’s Tomb

Apart from sight, you can also see the Razia Sultan’s tomb in Kaithal. Razia Sultan was the country’s first powerful woman ruler who had ruled Delhi for many years. Razia Sultan was the country’s first powerful woman ruler who had ruled Delhi for many years.

This Tomb is surrounded by strong walls, where you can also see the fascinating Mahrao. According to the information, this tomb was constructed during the 16th century. A mosque is also located inside the tomb. The tomb of Razia Sultan makes Kaithal historically important.

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