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Top 5 Best places for Solo Travel in India  

Top 5 Best places for Solo Travel in India  

Loneliness is a great joy. When you are traveling with friends and family or life partner can be a lot of fun. But, Solo Travel is the best choices for those who want to discover themselves. Also, you get to interact with a lot of people locals, travelers, and others. When you travel alone as compared to times when you are in the comfortable company of those you already know. Solo Travel in India can be a great experience. It is extremely good and beautiful idea at this time of the year but peacefully. So, there are many exciting destinations you can Solo Travel in India to explore in Spring Season.

Dharamsala- An Indian Destination For Solo Travel

Dharamsala-A place for peace

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Dharamsala is one of the best places to Solo Travel in India at Himachal Pradesh and comes under 5 Best places to Solo Travel in India, it is very calm and Solo holiday destination with a touch of adventure. You can also spend an hour in the cafes of McleodGanj enjoying great views and sight. Even, you can also visit Norbulingka and the doll museum or take off on a trek to Triund. If you’re lucky then You might also get to say Hi to The Dalai Lama.


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India is one of the beautiful places where you can explore many things.However, Gangtok in Sikkim is one of the best places to Solo Travel from any season of the year. It offers lots of cool places to enjoy nature and stay, breath-taking views. You can also see beautiful lakes to adventurous treks, Sikkim has several offers for every solo travel in India. Here Attractions such as Changu Lake and Nathu La which offer the trekking opportunities like the Green Lake trek and Goecha La Trek can be exciting for solo travel in India even anyone can participate in a group.



It is also one of the best places to solo travel in India which is in the north-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh. During winter, Tawang receives heavy snowfall. Even in monsoons such as July to September are so hectic to travel around. So, you should visit it right before the end of the summer. The view of surroundings and pleasant weather in summer are what make it a great destination especially for those who want to like solo travel in India.


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It is the favorite places who love to slow travel in India, Pondicherry is a very peaceful and quiet place in the South-India that is why this is your solo travel in India. Auroville is a great student destination in Pondicherry. The French colonies display great architectural marvels and you can ride around the place in a bicycle. If you want to explore new dishes, then you should go Auroville campus and try out some great dishes in the several local restaurants. Also, for those interested in slow travel, Pondicherry is the best places in India for a holiday spot with cheap accommodation and eating choices.


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Coorg is also known as the Scotland of India and is an amazing place for the solo travel destination in Karnataka. There are dense forests, wide tea and coffee plantations, mist-laden that makes it one of the best options in the Southern part of India for nature lovers. It is also the interesting fact that Coorg has in India even there is the largest number of Buddhists.




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