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Sangla- A Beautiful Hill Station in Baspa Valley of Himachal

Sangla- A Beautiful Hill Station in Baspa Valley of Himachal

Sangla – A Beautiful Hill Station In Baspa Valley

Sangla is popular hill station located in the Baspa Valley of Kinnaur district in Himachal Pradesh  and is situated in the range of greater Himalayas. there is a cold climate, once you book accommodation in advance to enjoy a safe stay. So here we will be giving you the list of best places in Sangla.

Even, you can choose a hotel in Sangla that range from resorts, camps, as per your preference. It is located close to the Tibetan border and is also covered with forest mountain and slopes.

This valley is located at a distance of 30 km from the Tibetan border. You know that ‘Sangla’ means ‘Pass of Light’ in the Tibetan language. You can see their temple and houses that are built in Kinnauri stone and wood style. Eventually, one side of the Sangla valley is thick forests of Himalayan fragrant. This place attracts every tourist with its beauty of gompas, temples and friendly habitats.

In Sangla, you can travel not only one opportunity but also many pleasant views of the region which is dominated by pine nut orchards, apples and cherry trees. The glacier streams and the villages in this region such as Chitkul, Karchham, and Batseri attract its beauty. In fact, in this region, Kamru Fort is also one of the most attractive forts in Sangla, which is an ancient fort but now it has been converted into a temple which is dedicated to Goddess Kamakshi.

You can also attract their region include Kanda Trout Farm, Sapni, etc. Additionally, Sangla’s famous festival is ‘Fulainch’ is also celebrated with great enthusiasm and many tourists mob of the region during this time to enjoy the annual flower festival. So, if you are the plan to explore Sangla Tour, then book your Sangla Holiday Package and enjoy a holiday with its natural beauty of the Himalayas and rivers.

Since its position in the greater range of Himalayan gives you a pleasant and cool weather. Till 1989 outsiders could not enter the valley without a special allows from the Government of India, because it is very near to the Tibetan border around 70 km.

But nowadays, it is also known as a tourist destination. As one enters the hill town, one can see houses, built of wood which exhibiting the finest craftsmanship. Visitors who have entered the town can see a lively beautiful market where essentials are available. One can get the Sangla’s famous local handmade shawls and typical Kinnauri caps from there. Also one can buy the famous beans which are the specialty of the Sangla Valley

Adventure Activities to do in Sangla

Adventure Activities in Sangla

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If you are looking for some adventure activities, then you can visit in camps located on the Baspa River banks. Camps of Kinner, Igloo Nature, Banjara, and the Sangla Valley provides you the tent, cottage and offer several adventure activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing for making your trip adventurous. Other activities you can enjoy here trekking to the beautiful Kinner-Kailash peak and angle at Baspa River.

Where to Stay and Eat in Sangla

Kinnaur campus

kinnaur camps

Sangla is filled with lots of accommodation options that provide you with many modern services and amenities. Here some famous names of hotels in Sangla you can visit such as Kinner Camps, Madhu Hotel, Banjara Camps, Prakash Regency, Hotel Rupin River View, Sangla Resort, Hotel Mount Kailash, Hotel Dev Bhoomi, and Shrikhand Hotel.

Now the turn for the eating meals which is situated in the North India State of Himachal Pradesh. Sangla provides you with a lot of varieties of North Indian Cuisines. There are many dhabas and Manus around the region where one may enjoy Tibetan dishes like momos, thukpa, and dumplings etc.

Best time to stay

valleys in Sangla


Winter season one of the best season to visit Sangla of Himachal Pradesh in December and lasts till February. Winters season is extremely cool here with the temperature diving down to a chilling -10°C. The place looks amazing in the month of December you can see their snowfall and after being freshly washed with the waters from heaven.

Chitkul – Highest  Village

When we talk about the Chikul- one of the best place in Sangla , one-hour drive north from Sangla, and one of the highest village in the valley. Chitkul is a beautiful scenic place with a backdrop of the snow-fall Kailash peaks and has the bubbling sound of Baspa river, running alongside. When you visit Sangla and located some 250 km from state capital Shimla, it nestles amid nature, with abundant wildlife and exquisite flora and fauna.

Rakcham – A beautiful village Of Sangla

It is a beautiful tourist place and you must visit village in Sangla. Rakcham is located between Sangla and Chitkul and is situated on the right bank of the Baspa River. Everyone can enjoy their extremely views of the beautiful Himalaya.

This village is individually from villages like Batseri and Chitkul by just a few kilometers. There are bright-reddish orange fields of ogla and a small flower seed grown in the Baspa Valley for grinding into the grain, even there are incredible to see in the Autumn season. Therefore, you can trek from Rakcham to Jakhol in Uttarakhand’s Jaunsar-Bawar region, over the 16,730 ft-high Lamea Pass in the Dhauladhar.


Batseri is situated 8 km away from Sangla. It is a beautiful village surrounded by magnificent snow peaks and apple orchards. There are many god’s temple, which was burnt down in 1996, but there are few new temples rebuilt which is a splendid example of hill architecture depicting the attributes of religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity.

How to Reach Sangla

The railway station at Shimla is the closest at the railway station from Sangla which is connected with Indian cities. Besides, Private as well as state buses for Sangla are easily available from Chandigarh.

Sangla Weather

The climate of Sangla remains pleasant throughout the year except during winters. Summers are pleasant with temperature ranging between 8 °C and 30 °C. During monsoons, the region of Sangla experiences less rainfall. Winters are extremely chilly in the region; therefore, visiting this place during this time is not recommended. The temperature of the place ranges between 10 °C and -10 °C during this time.

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