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This time to enjoy ‘Gokarna beach’ on Adventure

This time to enjoy ‘Gokarna beach’ on Adventure

Gokarna State is the religious town in Karnataka, which is mainly known for the Mahabaleshwar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Bholenath sites in the form of Shivling. Apart from this, many Hindu Temples are present here. The devotees come here from far away with many wishes. This city is also known for its coastal shores and adventure activities.

Gokarna literally means “cow’s ear”. I know its sound funny and you would wonder why this name. It partly stems from a legend and partly, from its location. Around 140 km from Goa, this place has become increasingly popular with foreign tourists in India. A completely different experience from goa and Karwar, Gokarna is about a peaceful beach holiday.    

The exciting fun of ‘Surfing’

Gokarna beach is the special beaches of South India, where tourists come to enjoy adventure activities along with natural scenes. Here you can take an exciting experience of surfing. The waves are considered to be quite friendly for surfaces. If you are not ready for adventure then, there is also a training system.

Under the supervision of experienced surfers, you will get a chance to do the training. After that, you will be fully prepared to play with the heroes of the Sea. All kind of the facilities given to the surfers.

Special for Beach trekking

you have heard about trekking in the jungle areas. But, let us tell you that, you can also experience exciting trekking on the sandy route of Gokarna beach. Walking on the sand considered to be good for the body. During the trekking, you can see much attraction like the half moon, om beach, paradise beach, kundle beach and dolphin point etc. On the edge of the beach can also enjoy the lush mountains and trees. During the trekking, don’t forget to see Mirjan fort.

‘Yoga’ side on the beach

Natural areas for yoga are much more important. In the open place, you can do pranayama and the rest of the physical workout without any adjustment.  Near nature, Yoga is very beneficial for good health. Get yourself completing refreshing in the open air of Gokarna beach. During the morning, there are different types of yoga classes.

Sunrise and Sunset

The Gokarna beach is full of many tourist attractions, where you can also enjoy the natural scenery with various adventure activities. If you like peace, then experience the sunrise and sunset.

The first rays of the morning work to make the sea goddess, this time the view can be seen here. In the evening it becomes calm for the whole night. During the evening, this beach represents a wonderful form in the sun’s light. If you are fond of photography then you can capture these scenes in your camera.

How to visit this beach?

The best season to go to Gokarna is from September up to April. Gokarna is the famous city in Karnataka, where you can reach with the help of all three transport. The nearby airport is Dabolim airport. If you want to come for a train, you can take the help of Gokarna road railway station. If you are up for a long drive, you can also reach here by road. Here, the road is well connected to big cities of the state.       





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