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Best honeymoon place in Kerala to captivate any romantic couples

Best honeymoon place in Kerala to captivate any romantic couples

Best honeymoon place in Kerala to captivate any romantic couples

Kerala is known as the ‘Land of Gods’ where beautiful mist hills, scenic backwaters, unending coconut trees, and calming beaches of states. Kerala is the romantic place for honeymoon couples to offer houseboat rides, Ayurveda experience, and can see wildlife things. With a wide range of geography, there are so many incredible things for newly weds couples to spend their quite or peacetime completely undisturbed in Kerala. There is the best season to visit honeymoon couples in Kerala is October to February. So, here we will brief you why Kerala is called best honeymoon place in India? Let start to know that mention below-

Munnar- a wonderful tea garden

Munnar kerala

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Munnar is one of the wonderful scenic tea gardens where you can click lots of photos with your honeymoon partner. Enjoy several times because their greenery is so beautiful that attract the tourist or honeymoon couples that they can’t stop to go and spend quality time. There is stair into the garden from the beautiful rooms and coffee plantation, the fragrance of the tea, waterfalls, and mesmerizing the birdcalls you really fall in love with your honeymoon partner. That is the reason you can call a Kerala is the best honeymoon place in south-India.

Alleppey- enjoy the houseboat

Alappey kerala

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Alleppey is famous for the houseboat in backwaters which is very enjoyable for the honeymoon couples. There are served a freshly prepared meal as you enjoy with greenery, tranquil backwaters in the lovely houseboat, endless paddy field, and remote islands this is very romantic for any honeymoon couples. There is no better place in Alleppey to make dream come true every newlywed partner. Here a lot of luxury cottage at a beach of its guest which is a stunning view of Marari Beach, awesome food services, and privacy for any romantic couple for their lovely honeymoon.

Wayanad- beautiful caves, heart shape wonderful lake

Wayanad kerala

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Wayanad is famous for its caves, waterfalls, and green Mountain hills. It is perfect for an intimate yet exciting honeymoon. There is Chambra peak which is the highest peak in Wayanad district of Kerala and heart shape lake top of the peak it is always covered with mist and snow and is an ideal place for any honeymoon couples. It is also home for the well-known wildlife reserve you can also watch the serene nature exotic flora and fauna at this tourist spot. It is really beautiful for the honeymoon couples in Kerala.

Kovalam- with wonderful beaches and Rocky Shores

Kovalam kerala


Kovalam is the beautiful relaxed beaches to holiday with your honeymoon partner. The rocky shores of the Kovalam beaches make a romantic mill where lots of rocky high land into the sea of the beaches. Visitors can explore unique things like a fishing village, enjoy a culture show, view the lighthouse beach, hawah beach, and more Samudra beach. Even, you can watch the beautiful sunset at Kovalam beach to make an ideal gateway for all honeymoon couples.     

Kumarakom- the beautiful ‘lake city’

Kumarakom kerala-a city of lakes

Kumarakom is one of the best honeymoon places which is also known as the ‘lake city’. It is the perfect place to enjoy and quiet time with your honeymoon partner. There are many waterways in backwaters of Alleppey or Kumarakom for a view of verdict rice paddies and many coconut trees. This is the perfect spot to do many activities such as boating and fishing. There are the famous spotting birds at the Kumarakom bird sanctuary. The best time to visit Kumarakom is from September to march.

Poovar beaches- a romantic getaway

Poovar beaches-A romantic getaway


It is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Kerala. You can experience the ultimate romantic time with your partner. There are offering a floating cottage that you can truly enjoy with your new web partner by blue ocean and between the coconut trees. Poovar is a beautiful island with a rare lake, river, sea, and beaches making an amazing honeymoon destination in India. Even, offer every option from a ride on the backwaters and enjoyable day on the beach. The best time to visit Poovar is from August to March.

Vagamon- a romantic grassy hills

Vagamon-A romantic place to stay


Vagamon gives you the romantic feeling of being away from civilization. You can see here the wild buffaloes and elephant bathing in the waters. Here are the exciting spots like the paragliding and unforgettable adventurous experience. There are full of orchids, greenery, and pine forest. This is the best hill station for any honeymoon couple that can enjoy their lovely time. The best time to visit in Vagamon is in summer from march to may.

Kollam- the hub of India

Kollam kerala-hub of India


It is one of the best romantic destinations for any honeymoon couples in Kerala. Couples come here to see lots of things like beaches, lakes, waterfalls, lakes, and the architecture of landmarks. It is also said that the Ramayana bird Jatayu had tried to rescue Sita from Ravana when Ravana was on his way to Lanka. It is believed that Jatayu Nature park is the same location where Jatayu has injured and got died. This is the top honeymoon places in Kerala that can be part of any romantic honeymoon couple. The best time to visit here is in from October to march.

Kuttikanam- known by fewer honeymooners

Kuttikanam-Known by fewer honeymooners

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It is an ideal destination for the honeymoon couples almost 3500 feet above sea level. Kuttikanam is the best hill station for a romantic vacation. Many visitors are come to here captivate green carpet of tea gardens, aroma of cardamom, and cool climate. Honeymooners love the green forest, waterfalls, and scenic nature of hill stations. It is a beautiful experience of honeymoon couples spend their lovely time with each other. This region is also a home of the monkey and tigers. This is less known that is a honeymoon destination which is very less crowd here and the best time to come here is in from October to February.       

Ernakulam- a romantic city for lovely couples

Ernakulam kerala -City of love birds


Ernakulam is different from another kind of honeymoon place in Kerala. There is no peace but fair peace of serenity and hustle-bustle. It is a commercial capital of Kerala which means you have connectivity and many options to spend their lovely time with each other. There are ancient temples and churches with old world charm. This looks like Kochi and also name lent to Ernakulam district. The best time to visit here is from October to February and must stay Grand Hotel which is very luxurious and their services are too good.   




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