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Top 10 Best Beautiful Countries To Visit Once In Lifetime

  India Much has changed in India since it accomplished autonomy seventy years prior; the financial transformation has brought new riches into blasting urban areas, while innovation keeps on spreading into even the most impossible corners of the nation.However as urban India races towards the future at very fast pace, tremendous swathes of the Subcontinent […]

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The most important place of ‘Razia Sultan’s tomb’ in Haryana

Kaithal in Haryana is an ancient city of north India, Which is known for its historical and cultural importance. It is believed that this place is also connected to Lord Hanuman. Kaithal was formerly known as Kapisthal, which means “Abode of Kapi”. According to legendary, this place was inhabited by the eldest brother Yudhishthira of […]

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Beautiful hill station of Kumaon in the middle of the mountains ‘Chaukori

Located in Uttarakhand, this hill station is no less beautiful than any other place. The green landscape, the different types of trees, the dense forest, the natural scenes running between the clouds rising from smog, then there is the echoing mingle of various kinds of birds, there is everything here. The ‘Chaukori’, which spans approximately […]