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5 Things to do in Rishikesh

5 Things to do in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is considered to be the holy city of Uttarakhand. This is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas. Over the years, tourists from India and abroad are coming to visit this place. The city is known for its natural and spiritual significance of the holy Ganga. At present it is also famous for the adventures sports.Rafting, camping, bungee jumping and lots of fun is the specialty of Rishikesh, the city of Uttarakhand. You’ll want to see the things that we’ve enlisted in the list of 5 things to do in a Rishikesh. So, on your next trip to Rishikesh, you know what all you can do there.

1. Visit the Haridwar

If you are going through Delhi to Rishikesh,  you can take rest in Haridwar. You must take a bath in the Holy Ganga  water. After taking bath does not forget to have puri sabji and halwa which is very famous eatables in Haridwar. In this summer, you can get the privilege of bathing in holy water of Ganga by visiting Haridwar. These are the speciality of the Haridwar. And now which adventures games can be enjoyed in Rishikesh? Let’s see.

2. Enjoy Camping Fun

Enjoying and relaxing in a camp,if you are troubled by the Tension of your work. You can enjoy camping in Rishikesh. In these camps, you will get all the facilities from breakfast to the dinner. Along with adventure sports, you will also get access to sports like football, cricket, etc. If you are planning to go to Rishikesh for camping then please make sure to do booking two-three months earlier.

3.Experience Thrilling River Rafting

If you went to Rishikesh and didn’t do rafting then you did nothing. Most of the people went to Rishikesh for the rafting only. Here rafting fun is different. Because the rafting of this place is famous all around the world and you can not find any place in India with such rafting experience. In fact, rafting is done in many different ways and people of different age go for it. Here you can get 24 km, 16 km, and 9 km many more options. In rafting 24 and 16 km, it takes 2 and half hours. In such a situation, if you have a shortage of time then you can choose a short distance rafting. And yes, one more thing,remember that due to heavy rains in the months of July and August,rafting remains closed here.

4.Highest Bungee jumping in Rishikesh

Now we will talk about bungee jumping, which is said to be stormy today. In the air, you can get the chance to fly safely. As you know that the highest bungee jumping point is available here. In this, the legs are tied with a rope of rubber and then you pushed down. The rope stretches down and then contracts. The person below comes up again. However, if your weight is less than 35 kilos and more than 120 kg then it may come in the way of your dream of doing bungee jumping.

5. Visit Rajaji National Park

Here you will also find something adventures. You can also enjoy the Rajaji national park. This national park is spread over 820 square kilometers and is home to the countless creatures and flora. You can see elephants and if you have a better luck then you can see the lion or the tiger around.

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